Slow Computers Costing You Money!

“My Computer is running slow” In our business we hear those words all to often, mainly at dinner parties or over a beer. But what exactly does it mean & why do you care?

Did you know if your computer runs 2% slower than normal it costs almost a week in time a year.
That’s right just take 38 X 48 X.02 = 36.40 hours a year. Now at the average wage of $50K per year this means you can lose around $1,000 in productivity just by having a small dip in computer performance.

Of course by the time you tell me or your local Computer Troubleshooter you are sitting in front of your perceptively slow computer (which to be perceived is around 10% slower than normal) you are sitting in front of a $10,000 per annum issue.

Imagine if you are running an office of 20 people all just experiencing just a small dip in productivity at 2% which would cost your business $20,000 a year.

So this is why we talk about proactive maintenance of computer networks, you don’t wait for your car performance to drop perceptively to get it serviced (or maybe you do and push it to the service agent), computers are exactly the same by getting your local Computer Troubleshooter to do regular maintenance we can actually help you perform better. This is why we recommend you do regular tune ups on your computer.

So next time you think “my computer is running slow”, think this is costing me $1,000 a year, or even better this is costing me a week of time where I could be sitting on the beach or smelling the flowers.

Ask your local CTS Team about their B.E.S.T. Managed Services, where they guarantee your Business Uptime 24 X 7.