IT Industry Tips for 2011

Australia continues to lead the world in new technology adoption, so what does this year hold in store for us and where do you look for IT innovation.

In January 2010, we revealed your list of technology needs for the upcoming year.  You said you’d be focusing on protection, upgrades and replacements, problem-prevention, remote support, netbooks, mobile web access and home technology.  For most of our clients, the first four topics were indeed very important over the last 12 months, and they will continue to be critical pieces of a strong technology foundation.  Netbooks were overshadowed by the release of the iPad and the competing ‘tablet computers’ from rival brands.  Mobile web access is still in its infancy, though social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have ensured that mobile phone browsers deliver a cut-down view of their main features.  In the home technology arena, photo sharing websites flourished and the hype of the 3D television has started to fade behind the shine of new internet-connected televisions.

So what are the I.T industry’s biggest players predicting for 2011?  Here are some of the most popular trends currently being talked about:

3D Without The Glasses – At a recent conference, brands like NEC, Samsung and Toshiba have paraded 3D television images without the need for you to wear special glasses.  Unfortunately due to current cost, the target market is commercial advertising and not your living room.

Social Media Money – Facebook game users will be familiar with earning or buying credits for virtual upgrades or additions to their games.  It’s thought Facebook may extend this to allow more businesses to use Facebook as a commerce platform for selling their goods.  Twitter also may also add a financial component, as businesses seek to capitalize on the fans (followers) that they’ve attracted.

Location Based Services – When Google adds nearby businesses to your search results (Google Places), you know that location-based content is going to be big.  Instead of wading through information that spans your entire city, perhaps this year it will be the easiest to find the ‘nearest’ product, service or special deal.  Watch to see if advertisers target this ‘close by and ready to buy’ market.

Tablets Move Into Business – The tablet computer has developed a reputation for addictive games, but its portability means it naturally crosses over to your work desk from your coffee table.  This year you may see more business-focused applications, especially those designed to assist sales teams.  One day you may even see every real estate agent carrying one.

Cloud Computing – This is the one that the I.T industry is placing all of its bets on.  Though still fairly quiet in the small business sector, larger businesses have already been strategizing how using other people’s servers could reduce their infrastructure costs.  This year, more small businesses will attempt to figure out if paying for technology on-demand will be significantly more affordable than purchasing their own I.T infrastructure.

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