What computer training does for you? Computer training helps tame that scary monster with you and turn it into a circus trick performer!  If PCs make you nervous and your repertoire is limited to typing a letter, just relax – we can take things at your pace during our one on one training session at your home and show you some great, easy tips. Our tips will help make your life easier, whether your need to improve your computer knowledge for home or the office, a one on one computer training will help.

By assessing your computer and / or technology needs we will provide you with training and advice on whatever computer or technology trouble you are having.

Computer Training for Beginners and Advanced users

We offer one on one computer training for beginners and advanced users at your home. Our computer training for beginners touches upon many topics that might be confusing to novice computer users, such as Microsoft word or excel. We also go into detail of other topics that might help make your life easier.

People who take advanced computer training say “I didn’t know my computer could do that!” Most people aren’t aware of all of the things their computer can do for them. Ignoring the internet for a minute, programs like Microsoft Word and Excel can be used to easily mass-print envelopes to send out party invitations.  With a phone line cable and a modem, you can use your computer and throw away your fax machine.  Add in the internet and you open up the world of instant messaging and internet-based phone calls.

One on one Computer Training at convenience of your home everyone can enjoy.

Some of the elementary yet essential benefits from a one on one training would be to learn how to:

  • share all your files such as music and movies across your home computer network with the rest of family.
  • connect your computer to your TV to be the main media center for everyone’s entertainment at home.
  • use application such as Skype to make overseas phones calls across the internet to family and friends.
  • schedule to backup your data on regular bases.
  • connect and synchronize your computer with other wireless devices such as printers and mobile phones.
  • identify websites that may have spyware and viruses.
  • quickly find what your are searching for on Google.
  • prevent children from accessing dangerous or adult contents on the internet.
  • download movies and music securely.
  • make sure your wireless computer network and your notebook is secure from uninvited intruders  such as hackers.
  • download and store all your emails onto your computer from all your email providers such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail, optusnet and others.

Contact us today to request for a one on one computer training that will show you how to get the most benefit from your computer and the technology available to you , yes we will come to your home!