Regular cleaning and maintenance

Does your computer run slow and sluggish? Not the way it did when you first bought it? We offer regular cleaning and maintenance services, to ensure your PC keeps working the way it should.

Few people realise how important it is to keep their sensitive electronic components clean and dust free.

Regular Computer Maintenance and Cleaning is Essentia

A regular computer maintenance service is probably the simplest and most effective way to keep your PC running in top condition.  Everyone worries and rightfully so about viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and other nasties, yet the majority of users experience no significant problems with these issues.  But every computer, everywhere, is at risk from the number one threat to your PC’s delicate electronics: dust.

Most users never think about cleaning their PCs, and neither do our clients, because we make sure all their machines are cleaned and properly configured according to a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule.  Our comprehensive computer maintenance service takes care of the big stuff as well as the small stuff, so your system stays in peak condition with top productivity.

Computer Maintenance is Not So Different From a Ferrari

You don’t think twice about bringing your car in for regular maintenance service, right? Sometimes your mechanic will recommend a major repair, but most of the time all it takes is a bit of care to keep the small stuff clean, tidy and up-to-date.

Just like with your car, you need to maintain your investment in your costly and delicate electronics and computer systems by keeping them maintained inside and out.  Anybody can tell you what to replace once its broken, but our comprehensive computer maintenance service seeks to prevent costly problems before they occur by making sure that both your software and your hardware are in mint working condition.  That means keeping up with necessary software and hardware upgrades, but it also means making sure that dirt, dust grime and other foreign objects don’t collect around your sensitive equipment, causing them to overheat or scrambling their temperamental electronics.

It’s all part of Computer Troubleshooters comprehensive computer maintenance philosophy, where we service your the whole system with a focus that doesn’t overlook even the smallest details.  Because downtime is always a major problem, no matter what caused it, big issue or small.

If you’re ready to give your office or home computing network the white glove service treatment, call Computer Troubleshooters today.