Computer Tune-up Service

Don’t put up with a slow computer!

A software tune-up or a component upgrade may be cheaper than a new PC to get things working fast again.


Why wait? We Can Fix Your Slow Computer

There is nothing more frustrating that a slow computer.  Slow when you start up, slow when you load a new application, slow when you flip between windows: slow, slow slow. Good thing Computer Troubleshooters are the slow computer experts.  We can speed up your computer and get it back running at peak performance, whether by fine-tuning your software or upgrading your hardware.  Most of the time, you don’t need a new computer just a computer that runs like new.

Using our industry-leading expertise, we can speed up almost any slow computer.  Often all that’s needed is a software tune-up or a simple hardware upgrade, with no need to purchase an expensive new system.  We specialize in correcting slow start-ups and other problems associated with:

Undetected viruses, worms, spyware and malware

  • Unnecessary applications
  • Missing software upgrades
  • Unresolved software conflicts
  • Excessive background security programs
  • Fragmented disk drives
  • Insufficient disk storage
  • Underpowered memory capacity

If your slow computer has any of these problems and it’s a good bet it does, let Computer Troubleshooters fix your slow computer and get things humming again.

Fix your slow computer, don’t replace it!

Many times, users frustrated with a slow computer assume that their only option is an expensive new system. But even if your computer is slow as molasses in January, that doesn’t mean it’s ready for the junk heap.  Even if you’re not running the latest model, your current system can most likely be optimized to serve your needs.  Let us speed up your computer and show you what you’ve been missing.

Of course, upgrading your entire PC system is sometimes the only solution, and if that’s the case, we’ll come right out and say so.  But so often a combination of viruses, spyware, malware, bloatware and whatever-ware combine to overload a PC that might need nothing more that an expert debugging, a fresh set up software upgrades and maybe a new memory chip or two, or some other relatively inexpensive hardware purchases.

Let Computer Troubleshooters fix your slow computer today.