Computer & Software Sales

Still Having Trouble Figuring Out All The Features You Want To Have On Your New Personal Computer (PC) ? Worried If You Are Getting A Real Deal Or Wasting Your Money On Unnecessary Hardwaresoftware Specs?

Relax, Save Time & Money.

Ask Us For Some Free Of Charge Independent Advice and Consulting.

Think it might be time to upgrade your system, or to finally buy a multifunction printer? No matter what purchase you may be contemplating, you can trust us for honest, unbiased advice. If it’s not necessary, we’ll say so, and if it makes sense, we’ll recommend the best product for your needs.

By Assessing Your Computer And Technology Needs First, CTS Team Will Provide You With A PC Or Notebook Quote Adequate To Your Needs!  We Will Save You $$$ While We Make Sure You Have The Right System With All The Needed Applications.

After we purchase a new computer for you we can include the following services as well:

  • Unpack your PC and finalise the Microsoft Windows Installation according to your requirements
  • Use our internet bandwidth to download the Latest Windows Updates for your operating system
  • Uninstall all unwanted Programmes that come with a new system and clean the CPU’s registry
  • Install all of the software you have selected, including the usual utilities such as iTunes and Adobe Reader
  • If buying a notebook we will charge the battery as recommended by the manufacture
  • Restore you data from an old system onto your new PC exactly as they were
  • Install and update the most secure and reliable antivirus on the market
  • Enable your extended warranty under your contact details
  • Schedule backup of your data
  • Deliver it to your home, and get you up and running with your wireless internet connection in no time

With all these services – and so many more – is it any wonder that Computer Troubleshooters is the world leader in computer Sales, Repair and support?

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