Computer Repairs & Upgrades

     Don’t Trust Just Anybody to Repair Your Laptop Or PC.    CTS Team Will Give You Honest Computer Repair Advice.

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they find out their computer problem is not as big as they thought and can be solved inexpensively. When you get the computer repair services of a Computer Troubleshooter you needn’t worry about nasty surprises, like hidden costs or large bills. Our computer repair experts will talk to you about budget and will keep you informed every step of the way. If we think the problem is just not cost-effective to repair, we may even suggest that you are better off spending your hard earned money on a new computer instead with a brand new warranty!

You can trust that your Computer Troubleshooter has access to industry-leading processes, tools and resources to repair your computer and if needed, can call on the strength of our global team to discuss the best possible computer repair options and scenarios for your specific situation. After completion of the computer repair, expect a courtesy follow-up call to check that everything is still working the way that it should be.

So, whether your laptop or PC suddenly won’t power up,  takes forever to boot up and programs are running slow, if your CD-ROM is not working, or your LCD screen is cracked, whether it is a hardware or a software problem there’s no need to purchase a whole new system. We can outfit your current PC’s with more memory, new cd-rw drives, larger hard drives, faster video cards, and any other upgrades or software tweaking you may need.

Whether It’s a Hardware or a Software Problem, It’s No Problem at All.

Computer Troubleshooters are the laptop and PC repair experts. Our highly-trained technicians know all the major and minor brand models literally inside out: Dell, Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq and many, many more. Plus, we troubleshoot and repair all manner of hardware and software problems.

With 14 years of experience and close to 500 Computer Troubleshooters locations worldwide our team of computer repair services experts is best equipped to handle all of your computer repair needs, both big and small.

Troubleshooting Software Components

  • Complete Windows Reinstallation & Customisation
  • Microsoft Outlook / Email Configuration
  • Virus / Spyware Removal and Protection
  • Data Backup / Recovery / Restore
  • Password Recovery
  • Tune-up Services
  • Computer Security
  • Remote Access & Diagnostic
  • Wireless Networking Setup
  • iPhone / iPad / iTune Synchronisation
  • Other software installations of your choice

Troubleshooting Hardware Components

  • Notebook LCD SRepair / Replacement
  • Hard-drive Part & Replacement
  • Power Unit Supply & Replacement
  • CD/DVDRW/Blu-Ray Part & Replacement
  • Graphic & Sound Cards Upgrade
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Supply of Modem & Network Accessories
  • Notebook LCD Screen Fix or Replacement
  • Notebook Battery and Adaptor Replacements
  • Broken Keyboard & Missing Key/s Replacement
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Computer Troubleshooters Will Make House Calls For Your PC Or Laptop Repair.

Our clients can always bring their PC / laptop down to out local office. We are also happy make house calls. Our only concern is that your PC or laptop is repaired as soon as possible.