Computer Network and Wireless Devices


Today, many households have more than one computer. No matter if you run PCs or Macs, or a mix of both, we can create a network so your computers can share and access files from each other. We can also set you up with a wireless router, so that multiple computers can share a single cable internet connection.

Do I really need computer networking services?

The functionality of computer networking has increased dramatically, allowing you have access to software programs and data from not only other PCs at home but from any internet connection and even your cell phone! Wether it is the movies on a storage device at home that you like to access wirelessly and watch in bed or accessing a file back at your office, Computer Troubleshooters computer networking solutions will take care of all your networking requirements.

Is computer networking enough?

Computer network services on its own are not complete without considering its security implications.  Sit back and relax while we make sure your home computer network is secure and safe from the outside world of internet intruders and hackers.  We can even restrict some members of the family from accessing all of the data or programs from each other’s PCs or notebooks.

Talk to your local Computer Troubleshooters about what benefits computer network services can provide and how networking computers can make your family have more fun . We want to help you to achieve the goals set out for your computer networking solutions and to ensure that these new networking computers solutions are going to meet your needs.