Do You Clean Your Office Kitchen More Often Than Your Office Computers?

It’s Monday morning. Before settling into work, you go into the office kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. What do you find?

A virtual health hazard has been developing since the previous week. The kitchen counter is buried under a pile of take-out food boxes, a dozen dirty coffee cups and a half-eaten burrito. Out of curiosity, you open the refrigerator and wonder about the stacks of unlabeled Tupperware containers. What’s in there? Is it supposed to be that color?


Keeping It Clean!

Most of us who work in an office environment have had that kitchen experience. Typically, the next step is a blistering group e-mail that reminds the staff to behave like responsible adults. A list of assigned monthly clean-up chores accompanies the e-mail and the chore list is also strategically posted around the office. However, one very important item is often forgotten on that list – your computer equipment!

You can likely say that your business is spending more time cleaning up the office kitchen than your most critical equipment – the computers. Your computers handle your business’ most important assets: accounting, financial records, communications and client information. You owe it to your business to make computer updates and cleanliness a priority. Please use the following recommendations as maintenance guidelines for the physical health of your computers.


External Cleaning

Keeping the outside of your computer sparkling clean isn’t just for visual appeal. Computers generate static electricity that attracts dust that can eventually clog fans and other components. Routine cleaning is important because it can keep the machine from overheating and destroying the hard drive and other components. Please use the following recommendations for cleaning the external surfaces of your computer.