Secure Remote Support

Computer Troubleshooters provides first-line support using Remote Desktop and VPN technology.  We have provided cost-effective support for many of the worlds leading companies for over 10 years.

As long as you have a working internet connection, you may not even have to wait for us to arrive at your place. Take advantage of the latest in remote support technology, letting us securely view the problem on your screen and letting you watch how we resolve it.


Computer Troubleshooters Remote Access & Diagnostics Performs Immediate Computer Repair

Our clients rely on our remote computer access and diagnostics service because, just like you, their businesses move at the speed of now. Often, the worst part of a computer problem is the downtime. A five-minute fix can waste a whole afternoon if you have to wait for an available technician to drive out to your place of business. But if your network connection is still functional, we can use our secure remote access service to directly access your desktop remotely and fix the problem immediately from off-site. Our remote access service can have your problem solved and your computer up and running again, almost before it crashed.

  • Many Problems Can Be Fixed Right Away.
  • Immediate, Secure Remote Desktop Access.
  • No Waiting For The Tech To Arrive.
  • No Business Downtime.
  • Remote Support Is Cheaper Than Onsite.
  • No Unplugging & Lugging Your Hardware To Our Shop.
  • We Start On The Problem As Soon As You Report It.

Computer Repair Through Our Remote Access Support Frees You Up For More Important Things And Saves You Money.

Maybe you’re in the middle of the weekly billing cycle. Maybe you’re working against a deadline for a make-or-break client presentation. Maybe you were just sailing along, getting things done, when all of sudden nothing works. The PC freezes, the machine crashes, the dreaded error messages grind everything to a halt. With Computer Troubleshooters remote access service, we can often jump right in and fix the problem, almost as soon as it happens. With our remote desktop access, you can sit back and watch us do the repairs, or go take care of other pressing business.

Our industry-leading remote access and diagnostics tools allow us to directly and securely take control of our clients PC, often enabling us to fix the problem right away. All that’s needed is a working internet connection, and for lots of problems you can be back up and running right away.

And when that’s not possible, we still have a head start on the real problem because when one of our techs does come down in person, we’ve already ruled out the simple stuff.

Want to get started with Computer Troubleshooters remote computer access repair service? Call us now to find out how you can avoid business downtime.