Proactive Support

Computer networks require certain amount of proactive support in order to minimise downtime or unexpected interruptions . In order for your business continuty, proactive support is performed outside business hours to ensure minimal impact on your business processes. Proactive support includes:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Security Updates
  • Antivirus Scans And Updates
  • Server Operating System Updates
  • Backup Integrity Checks
  • Server Reboots As Necessary
  • Network Hardware Updates

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

A customer once remarked ” I have to pay you every time my network goes down, how do I know you’re really trying to solve my problems

It’s a good question: “ most computer service companies make money when you have problems, so do they really have an incentive to keep problems from happening in the first place?  What would happen if we focused on preventing computer problems, instead of waiting for them to happen and then reacting?
How would less computer downtime impact the productivity and stress levels of your business?  How would it feel to walk in the door on Monday morning and know that your computers were going to work?
Is there a better way?

That’s the foundation of our Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T) and our world first No-Downtime-Guarantee.*